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Blasting technology Xintech - Automatic screw cleaning system

Automatic screw cleaning system


Automated, absolutely abrasion-proof removal of plastic coating on screw & compounding elements. The constantly increasing quality standard requires innovative solutions. Screws with a ø of 14 - 180mm accross a length 1-5m can be cleaned (other lengths and diameters upon request). The entire blasting and transport unit is controlled by simply programming cleaning processes via touch panel. depending on the level of soiling, up to 5 cleaning zones can be staged separately. Manual cleaning is also an option.

Technical data

Cabin dimensions: W 1020mm, D 1230mm, H 1930mm
Working area: W 950mm, D 750mm, H 510mm
Weight approx.: 815kg
Air consumption at 4bar and blasting nozzle Ø 5mm: approx. 1130l/min
Operating pressure: 1.5 – 8 bar
Total connected load: 1.57kVA
Air connection: G 1/2"



  • Acrylic cover, with or without lock
  • Dust collector with level monitor
  • Automatic blasting material refilling via material silo (25 kg)
  • Automation monitoring

schneckenreiinigungsautomatScrew segment before and after cleaning.

schneckenreiinigungsautomatBlsating nozzle with pivot.

schneckenreiinigungsautomatEasy to program blasting process,
screw feed, transport direction etc.

schneckenreiinigungsautomatCleaning program:

Sophisticated sensor technology for automatic screw advancement and return.
depending on the soiling level the screw can be divided into 1 to 5 zones of effective length
and programmed separately, blasting time/feed
Economic, since non-contaminated zones can be skipped, saves time and blasting material.
Automatic feed calibration.