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MasterFinish XS 55


micro pro finish xs 55 

The microblasting system XS55 was developed as a compact system for smaller surface treatment tasks. The housing design is based on over 15 years of success. Furthermore, our major technical accomplishments from our years of experience were incorporated into the new 75 series model. To summarise, we created an inexpensiv yet technologically superior blasting unit. By using a frequency converter, the fan provides an optimal efficiency at any speed, which is not a given when using dimmers. The digital pressure indicators for the pre-acceleration and process pressure, available as options, allow for a definitive setting and is therefore also absolutely reproducible when repeating a cycle.

Technical data

Cabin dimensions: W 550mm, D 665mm, H 890mm
Working area: W 545mm, D 370mm, mean effective height 350mm
Weight approx.: 80kg
Pressure range: 0.5 to 6bar (minimum connection pressure 6bar)
Input power: 230VA
Electrical connection: 230V/50Hz/60Hz
Air connection: G 1/4"


  • Lateral service flap, equipped wotj two gas cylinders (clear opening 545 x 300 mm)
  • Window with interchangeable frame and two screws accessible from outside
  • Extraction and filtration system, controlled via variable potentiometer (frquency converter), equipped with two heavy dury micro-filter cartridges which are automatically cleaned of pneumatically in standby and blasting break
  • Micro-blasting material separator cut-off can be optimised via fan speed
  • Mains pressure system supplied blow off gun air connection including oil/water trap G 1/4"
  • Impulse foot pedal
  • Steel dust drawer with lateral control
  • Two-pole three-step switch (zero, standby, blast)
  • Two-piece perforated sheet work grate with individual hole diameter ø 5mm, load capacity up to 50 kg
  • Screwed on work gloves
  • Blast gun with carbide nozzle inser ø 4mm (standard)
  • Process blasting pressure adjustable from 0-6bar, pre-acceleration pressure adjustable from 0-2bar via pressure controle valve and analogue display at the control panel

xintech master finish xs 55Digital pressure indicators (2-colour)
for pre-acceleration and process pressure.

xintech master finish xs 55Pedestal for working seated or standing.

Blasting material drying system
controlled via variable potentiometer with touch guard 0-150W