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MicroProFinish XS 75


The MicroProFinish system is an advancement of the successful DigiFinish. The key differences between these blasting sytems are: The systems only have a one main switz. All other functions and notifications use the display. The entire process, as well as the individual process statuses and their status parameters, are clearly displayed on a colour display. All process parameters may be adjusted via visualisation display under the respective icon (touch-screen). All process parameters monitor the maximum and minimum ranges among the others and therefore cannot be set incorrectly in correlation with the others. The variable height is adjusted by tapping the respective icon in the display. All developed and proven process setttings can be saved directly by touching the icon in the display. Records saved to sysstem memory can also be imported by simply tapping the save icon. The system can only be switched on via generated password. This password is also used to share individual records or packets of records. The display shows reminders or warnings of maintenance and inspection intervals with respect to the effective system condition.

Technical data

Cabin dimensions: W 760mm (without oil/water separator)
D 865mm, H 1710mm
Working area: W 750mm, D 500mm, mean effective height 500mm
Weight approx.: 160kg
Air flow: 395l/min
Pressure range: 0.5 to 10 bar
Input power: 750W
Electrical connection: 230V/50Hz
Air connection: G 1/4"


  • Colour touch panel for all satus indicators
  • Digital entry plus automatic process parameter control
    process pressure, pre-acceleration pressure, low pressure, blasting amterial moisture
  • Oil/water separator
  • Interior light 36W
  • Sideshifter left and right, opening W 400 x H 297mm
  • Blasting gun carbide ø 5mm
  • Cleaning/air blow off nozzle inside blasting chamber
  • Heating system
  • Feed ijector unit with blasting material pre-acceleration
  • Automatic blasting material treatment via built-in granulate separator
  • Built-in controlled filtration system
  • Records saveed with password protection
  • Monitored process parameters

Recessed manual turntable Ø 400mm,
load capacity up to 75kg

Pass-trough with multiple sealing. 
These can be used in place of the sideshifter.