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Sandblasting technology Sablux - Cabins standard - Leanblast 140 S

Sandblasting cabin Sablux Leanblast 140 S


Leanblast 140 Front Leanblast 140 seitlich

Technical data

Cabin dimensions: W 1'536mm, D 1'091mm (dust separator incl.), H 1'885 / 2'200mm with cabin open
Working area approx.: W 1'330mm, D 800mm, mean effective height 850mm
Weight approx.: 250 kg
Grating: 3-pieces
Air requirement approx.: 600L/min at 4bar
Electrical connection: 230V / 10A standard socket (max 1.1 kW)
Air connection: 1/2"


  • Sandblasting gun type "Power-Shot" 140 with air nozzle Ø 4mm & sand nozzle in ceramic Ø 10mm
  • 2-part cabin cover pushes up vertically by 2 handles
  • Cabin is crane accessible
  • Dust collector mounted on back wall
  • Window with double glazing (attrition-proof glass and safety glass plycarbonate)
  • Electrical foot pedal
  • Lighting: 2 x 2 lights à 18W
  • Safety switch SUVA compliant. Blasting automatically stops upon opening the cabin

Gun holder Pistolenhalter

Dust containerStaubbehälter

Second filter cartridge