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Sandblasting technology Sablux - Cabins standard - SX 90S

Sandblasting cabin Sablux SX 90S



Technical data

Cabin dimensions: W 1'200mm, D 780mm, H 1'660mm + 320mm with cabin open
Working area: W 895mm, D 610mm (670mm without ascending sifter), mean effective height 545mm
Weight approx..: 170kg
Grating: 3-piece, load capacity 100 kg surface load
Air requirement approx..: 23 m3/h at 4bar
Electrical connection: 230/400V / 50Hz
Air connection: G 3/4"


  • Sandblasting gun type "Power-Shot" 100 with air nozzle Ø 3mm & sand nozzle in boron carbide Ø 8mm
  • Gun holder adjustable, mounted on continuous crossbar
  • 2-part cabin cover pushes up vertically by 2 handles
  • Cabin is crane accessible
  • Window with double glazing (attrition-proof glass and safety glass polycarbonate)
  • Electric foot pedal
  • Lighting: 2 fluorescent tubes, 55W each, inside a dust-proof box in the cabin ceiling
  • Safety switch SUVA compliant. Blasting automatically stops upon opening the cabine

Manual turntable ø 400mm,sablux
for use in place of the grid. Centric loads up to 80 kg possible.

Tumbling basket type DK 75sablux
Baskets Ø 260mm with various holes for efficient processing of bulk goods.

Dual tumbling basket type 75 special sablux
for processing minimal bulk goods which only allow the use of very low pre-acceleration and process pressures. Baskets available in varous materials and with various holes.