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Sandblasting technology Sablux - Special units - Satellite system type SX 115S automated

Satellite system type SX 115 automated

typ sx 115sThis ystem features 8 blast guns which deburr the component precisely in two separate blast cabinets in a separate blast sector.
The upstream handling system uses a blister process to guarantee the necessary autonomy of the system concept. To ensure the positioning accuarcy of the transfer station, all components such as carriers, satellite table, etc., were skimmed following production.

typ sx 115sTiming is implemented using an indexer. The workpieces can be processed using defined positions, so the use of mechanical gun movement becomes important.

typ sx 115sThe workpieces are blasted in a dual cycle, so we were able to, on the one hand, increase the volume, and on the other, minimise the cycle time.