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MasterClean 55


MC55 Masse MC55

Every plastics processor is familiar with the problem deposits in moulding tools pose. Not only cleaning pigment and filter deposits, but also overspray on tools and dirt on augers are a daily occurrence. Non-abrasive blasting mediums available in a variety of grain sizes will remove any plastic deposits without changing the structure and without damaging engravings and separating edges, usually within a few minutes. Properly coated workpieces can also be cleaned without damaging the coating.

Since no chemicals are used and the surface to be cleaned is not exposed to elevated temperatures, there will be no undesirable side effects. Pressure blasting systems with particularly high output are used to clean heavy soiling. The blasting medium used is filled into a special pressure vessels and straight away pressurised with the compressed air streaming in. This technology achieves high acceleration of the medium, thus yielding an optimal cleaning effect ven with severe soiling. MasterClean features lateral openings for cleaning extruder augers and similar large components to slide these parts through.

Technical data

Cabin dimensions: W 560mm, D 766mm, H 1419mm
Working area: W 545mm, D 370mm, H 350mm
Weight approx.: 120 kg
Air flow: ± 700 Ltr./min. at 4 bar and blasting nozzle 4mm
Pressure range: 1–6bar
Electrical connection: 230 V / 50 Hz
Air connection: G 1/4"


  • Oil/water separator
  • Perforated sheet work grate
  • Front safety panel in hard glass
  • Interchangeable, abrasion-resistant gloves
  • Blasting nozzle, reducer valve and manometer 0-10bar
  • Automated pressure blasting pot
  • Built-in, automated cabin dust removal and dust separator with ascending sifter
  • Foot pedal
  • Built-in heavy duty filtraton system with 2 filter cartridges with automatic cleaning
  • Dust collector
  • Door limit switch
  • Lateral opening for augers etc, available upon request, max ø 50

Mobile with casters Casters MC55

Valves Valves